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ITEC International Patent Firm

Our Philosophy

To create a synergy of individual competence and organizational power

Our aim is to create a synergy of individual competence and organizational power.

We devote much effort to educate the patent attorneys of ITEC to raise individual competence and to be a competent member in the organization.

In order to secure our reliability for clients, considering stability and continuity of ITEC, ITEC was established as a patent business corporation and have brought skilled patent attorney into management.

We believe that this makes ITEC to be a good partner of IP department of clients.

Our aim is to assist our clients in a team of high-level patent attorneys, who are able to provide high-quality service and experts in technology and law, and to become good partner with our clients.

Practice of a patent attorney, such as filing patent applications, largely depends on the individual competence of the patent attorney. The amount of practice that one patent attorney is able to deal with is limited even if the patent attorney has an excellent skill. We believe that we are able to provide higher-quality service if a team of high-level patent attorneys assists our clients in an organization.

Hiroyuki IGAMIToshihiro TANAKA